Replacing an Early 2009 iMac’s Hard Disk

The hard drive failed on a client’s Early 2009 iMac. The old drive (a 640 GB Western Digital) started experiencing very slow reads and I/O errors and became unbootable all within an afternoon. I replaced the hard disk, and since this revision of iMac comes apart in a rather special way, I set my camera up to take a photo every five seconds while doing so. Here’s the result!

I installed a 1 TB Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 Hard Disk in place of the failed disk. I used a Zalman VE400 to boot the OS X installer and restore the Time Machine backup.

After restoring the Time Machine backup, the iMac is back up and running again!

“Unable to Connect to the Creative Cloud” Error on Macintosh

Several days ago I lost the ability to sync my files with Adobe Creative Cloud Connection on both of my Macs. I had not had a chance to look into the issue until today, when I coincidentally got an email from Adobe about updating the Creative Cloud Connection software:

Hi Ryan,

Thank you for being an early user of Creative Cloud. If you’ve been using the preview release of Creative Cloud Connection, our desktop sync client, we have an update for you. We’re upgrading our cloud storage platform, and the version 1.0 sync app will no longer be able to sync to Creative Cloud starting May 16, 2013.

To continue syncing your files without interruption, please take a moment update to the 1.0.5 release of Creative Cloud Connection preview.

Unfortunately, even after downloading the newest version of the Cloud Connection tool, I had the same “unable to connect to creative cloud” error. After deleting preferences and application support files files to no avail, I ended up fixing the error with a rather simple solution: uninstall Creative Cloud Connection using the Uninstaller in /Applications/Adobe Creative Cloud Connection and reinstall from the Adobe Application Manager. I’m now able to sync my files on both Macs without issue.